Lean Meals Recipe Pack

"Leave the guess work out of your diet and start following a meal plan that's designed to be healthy, tasty, nutrient packed and satisfying"

What is the Lean Meals Recipe Pack?

This 15 recipe meal pack contains the exact meals and cooking techniques I have used over the last 8 years as a full time Personal Trainer to keep myself and my Clients lean & healthy.


With this pack I show you exactly how to eat in a way that helps your body burn off fat whilst repairing and building muscle through increased protein.


By just eating the meals from this recipe pack you could lose between 1-2lbs of bodyfat per week!


Every meal has been carefully created to ensure it is healthy, full of nutrition, high in protein and satisfyingly tasty, so you don't have to worry about what you are going to eat at the end of a long day and you can stay on track.

Follow the meal plan to lose 1-2lb per week

What's included in this recipe pack?


  • 15 Unique recipes created by Joe Cave Advanced Personal Trainer


  • 7 Day Meal Planner that shows you how to create a calorie deficit


  • Full shopping list with every ingredient you need for all the meals


  • Recipe key to highlight the benefits of each meal including protein and fat content


  • Detailed images of each finished recipe


  • Full cooking instructions and cooking times


  • Macros of every meal including calories,protein,fat,carbs and fiber


High quality design with easy to follow instructions

Order your copy now and get started right away on the path to a healthier leaner body

Gain immediate access to all 34 pages of this recipe pack sent straight to your laptop or phone in PDF format (under 25MB)

Place your order now for a high quality physical copy of the recipe pack which also includes a digital download version for your convenience 

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