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If you are looking for Personal Training in Brighton then take a look at some of the goals that my local Brighton clients achieve with me and then book a Consultation Session at the bottom of the page.


Improved Fitness

What does being fitter mean? For some people it is walking up the stairs easier, for others running for the bus without losing their breath, to a parent it might be keeping up with the kids at the park.


These are just some of the things that clients over the years have noticed improving through their training with me, and these improvements can start to be noticed within as little as two weeks.


However fitness can be improved to a more serious and measurable level, such as an increased PB at your park run, training for a marathon or preparing for a triathlon.


However serious your goals you can trust in Personal Training to get you fitter safely and efficiently. 

Female Body Shaping

Most female clients tend to highlight certain target areas such as leaner arms, more shape to the bum and smaller thighs. 


The first step on this goal will be to ensure that you understand that you don't need to do cardio and that working out with weights will benefit the shape of your body for the better.


If you have any fears of 'bulking up' or looking 'too masculine' then fear not, all the female clients I've worked with over the years have been very happy in the way weights have helped change their bodies.


With a progressive resistance training program you will start to make the changes to your body that you've always wanted and you will find that your waist becomes smaller even if the weight on the scales doesn't change.


Get involved with my weight training body shaping program now, I promise you won't regret it!

Strength Training

Regardless of whether you are male or female recent studies have shown that strength is more beneficial than flexibility as we get older.


Strength training will increase your bone density, improve joint stability and have you more able to cope with everyday life no matter what age you are.


Professional athletes now partake in regular strength training sessions to improve performance within their chosen field. 


So regardless of your goal whether it be to improve your serve on the tennis court or give you more confidence in the boardroom let me show you how strength training can benefit you.


Injury Rehabilitation

Whether you are at a high level of fitness or have never stepped foot in a gym, injuries can affect you at any age and time. You might be experiencing pain in your shoulder, knee, lower back or any of the other common problem areas, but don't worry Personal Training can help you.


Whether you have your own Physiotherapist or choose to work closely with my recommended Physiotherapist you will be subscribed with a tailor made exercise and stretching program to help rid you of your injury once and for all. Not only that but we will follow up your program with a preventative exercise program to stop you falling victim to any common injuries in the future.

Muscle Building

Look and feel better about your next beach holiday. Build up a muscular physique to make your clothes fit better and your arms fill your t-shirts. Men and their looks are in the spotlight more than ever before and we are starting to have a greater focus on our appearance.


Don't just spend countless hours in the gym trying to get fit, get something from it and build up muscle that will give you confidence and make you feel better about yourself.


Before you know it your friends and work colleagues will complement your change in appearance and ask you how they can do the same.

Weight Loss

Starting to notice an increase in weight that just keeps climbing? Is that pint of beer or glass of wine not getting burnt off so easily?


As we get older our metabolism slows down and our body requires fewer calories, combined with a rise in the number of jobs requiring minimal physical activity and the results are a nation of steadily increasing overweight people.


Having a goal of shifting excess weight and feeling slimmer can be really tough with the amount of conflicting information available. But with me by your side I can ensure you will be doing the correct exercises and eating the right type of food.


We will also monitor and track your results through a number of measures including bodyfat percentage and BMI and soon enough the numbers will go down and your confidence will go up.


Every one of my clients gets a support package to ensure they reach their goals which includes...



12 Week Personalised Training Program specific to your needs


7 Day Meal Plan to support your nutritional goals


Additional Workouts to complete at the Gym or from Home


Full Body Measurements and Bodyfat Tracking


Membership to my Fitness Training App




Personal Training Consultation Session


Please use the form below to register your details for a consultation session.


Due to my years of experience and professionalism I'm often fully booked with a waiting list for new clients.


The consultation is not only a chance for you to find out more about working with me, it is also an oppurtunity for me to decide if I think you are the type of client I'm looking for.


I'm interest in working with Clients who are serious about achieveing results, willing and able to invest in several months of training and committed to putting in the hard work with me to make positive lifestyle changes.


If that sounds like you then please get in touch.


Please note I am currently fully booked - you can still leave your details and I will get back to you when a space becomes available

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Here are some of the top fitness myths...


Doing sit-ups will give you a six pack

The only way to achieve a visible six pack is through a calorie controlled diet that burns off the fat from all over your body including your stomach area. No matter how many sit-ups you do you can't have a visible six pack when a layer of fat sits on top of it covering it up.


Running will make me slim

Although running can help contribute towards weight loss relying on running alone to shape your body without a calorie controlled diet is not going to result in a slimmer body. A 40 minute run burns only 300-400 calories, to lose weight you need a weekly calorie deficit of 3500kcal.


Lifting weights as a woman will make me bulky

Weight lifting can be very beneficial for women and will not make them appear bulky or overly muscular. If you want a nice shaped bum and legs with a slimmer waist then lifting weights as a woman is the right exercise.


I can exercise lots and then eat whatever I want

It is very easy to consume more calories than you've burnt off during exercise so anyone who fails to change their diet will not see significant results. You can't out-train a bad diet!


If I lift weights I will look like Arnie

Lifting weights and building muscle is a process that takes a lot of time and effort, but over time any man following a weight training program should eventually see improvements in their physique and a better shape. To achieve a similar look of Arnold Schwarzenegger would require years of training and anabolic steroids.


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