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If you're looking for 1-2-1 Personal Training in Brighton then take a look at the Personal Training goals I typically help clients achieve. If you are interested in finding out more simply book a Consultation Session at the bottom of the page where we will go through exactly what's involved with the program you need.


Female Body Shaping

To change your shape it's important to first understand that you don't need to do lots of cardio and actually working out with weights will benefit the shape of your body in the ways that you want.


Most female clients tend to highlight certain target areas they want to work on such as leaner arms, more shape to the bum or smaller thighs. 


If you have any fears of 'bulking up' or looking 'too masculine' then fear not, all female clients that I've worked with have been very happy in the way weights have change their bodies.


With a progressive weight training program you will start to build the body that you've always wanted and you will find that your waist becomes smaller even if the weight on the scales doesn't go down.


Strength Training 

Regardless of whether you are male or female recent studies have shown that muscular strength and strength training are vitally important for your health and keeping your body functioning optimally.


Strength training will increase your bone & muscle density, improve joint stability, prevent injuries and have you performing better at everyday tasks and physical sports.


Professional athletes of almost all sports now partake in regular strength training sessions as it is so vital to improving the performance of the human body.


Strength work can also drastically improve the negative effects of a sedentary desk bound job that often causes pain and disfunction in the human body.





Muscle Building 


Building muscle is one of the hardest and yet most rewarding goals to achieve. Adding lean muscle tissue to the male body is a long process that requires patience and consistency.


Due to this many trying to achieve muscle growth will rarely see it through to the finish and often give up when the results don't show quick enough.


This program is ideal for those that want to solidify commitment to their goal, guarantee progression and ensure they are doing everything they can to transform their physique in the fastest time possible.


The results you can achieve on this program will make all your hard work and consistency worth it in the end.




Weight Loss & Behaviour Change

Weight loss is all about eating the right foods, being in a calorie deficit and having the right mindset to ensure you achieve long term, sustainable results.


Exercise is an important tool for you to use when on a weight loss journey but relying on exercising alone to get results without addressing eating habits is not an approach that works.


This weight loss program is all about using the Behaviour Change approach to ensure you walk away with a healthier lifestyle and a more positive relationship with food.


As a qualified Behaviour Change Specialist I can work with you to fully understand exactly why you've struggled to lose weight in the past, and make sure that the goals you set whilst working with me are achievable and maintainable.


Very few Personal Trainers are qualified to deal with the behaviours and habits that lead to weight gain and obesity, working with me will give you the additional expertise requried to ensure you achieve success that you failed to achieve in the past.


Every client gets a full support package to ensure they reach their goals which includes...



12 Week Personalised Training Program specific to your needs


Nutriton Coaching & Advice


15 Meal Recipe Pack to support you with healthier eating


Regular Goal Setting & Accountability Sessions to monitor progress


Membership to my Fitness Training App




Personal Training Consultation Session


Please use the form below to register your details for a FREE consultation session which will take place at my Studio in Brighton.


The consultation is a chance for you to find out more about working with me and what's involved. It is also an oppurtunity for me to decide if I think you are the type of client I'm looking for.


I'm interested in working with Clients who are serious about achieveing results, willing and able to invest in several months of training and committed to putting in the hard work with me to improve their training and lifestyle.


If that sounds like you then please get in touch and we can look at taking the next steps towards a fitter, healthier body.


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