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I'm Joe, a Brighton Personal Trainer and an experienced professional in the fitness industry. If you were searching for 'Personal Trainer Brighton' then you've come to the right page. With my extensive experience and knowledge gained over the last 8 years I've helped Actors, Athletes, Professionals and many others reach their full potential, and if you've got the right mindset I will be able to help you too.


I offer Personal Training in Brighton from my Private Personal Training Studio and I'm also an Online Coach. The people I like to work with are those mentally prepared to take that next step and concentrate on putting in the effort required to reach their goal. Your physical condition isn't going to be an issue, we will work on that, but you need to be mentally 'Ready'.


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Private Personal Training Studio


I conduct face 2 face sessions from my Private Personal Training Studio in the Centre of Brighton which is perfectly equipped to give Clients a bespoke workout that fits their desired goals. Most of my work with Clients involves some form of resistance training (weight training) combined with High Intensity Training for improved fitness.


I take my profession as a Fitness Coach very seriously and consider myself one of the Top Rated Personal Trainers in Brighton, I'm very experienced in helping people change their body shape and get stronger, with my Studio I have built the perfect place to do this.


Jodie said:

"I feel so much better about myself, my clothes fit better and I've got more energy thanks to Personal Training with Joe"




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FAQ Section

How often do I have to train?


If you're planning to exercise only through Personal Training then I advise 3 sessions per week to get fast results and to ensure you're training to an optimal level.


Training 2 times per week is also sufficient provided you complete additional exercise outside of this in your own time.


Unfortunatley I don't offer 1 Session per week slots as I feel this is not sufficient in order for us to get the best results.


If you are unsure on how many sessions you need please get in contact to discuss your training requirements.


Do you give advice on dieting?


Of course! There is a saying 'You can't out-train a bad diet' and that is exactly right. If you finish your training session and spend the rest of the day eating the wrong foods...you will not progress. I give advice based on eating healthy, natural, unprocessed foods that fuel your body to burn fat and give you more energy.


No fad diets like drinking a shake instead of a meal, just sensible and smart guidance of how to eat healthy long term.


Where does the training take place?


The training will take place at either my private fitness studio on Dyke Road, Brighton or Online via Skype.


The studio has excellent facilities and the latest in functional equipment designed to offer you a workout in an environment dedicated to exercise and fitness.


Online Training is also a great way to get results and it can be more convienient for some clients who travel or work from home.


Are you an experienced trainer?


Yes, I've been working as a Personal Trainer for over 7 years and I've had a passion for exercise for my entire adult life.


Believe it or not you can actually qualify as a Personal Trainer in as little as 6 weeks!


Due to this the market has been flooded with many inexperienced Personal Trainers who don't have a lot of experience in fitness.


I spent years working out before I even considered becoming a Professional Fitness Trainer and I spent a few years studying on the course to ensure I was the right person for the job.


I have trained hundreds of clients from all walks of life and I also Coach other Trainers on how to develop their business & training.


Are you a qualified trainer?


Yes. I gained my Level 3 Personal Trainer certificate through the YMCA Fit and then completed further qualifications to become a Level 4 Advanced Personal Trainer (most trainers are only Level 3 qualified).


I'm registered with REPS, the registration of exercise professionals you can check my qualifications on their website membership number R0099746.


Personal Training seems expensive, is it worth it?


When compared to a monthly gym membership or fitness class, yes Personal Training seems expensive. But that's because it provides so much more than just a membership to a gym. Through Personal Training you will have a dedicated tailor made training program that is specific to your goals and your needs, the program takes into consideration your abilities and any limitations you may have.


All of the exercise you do through Personal Training will be under professional guidance ensuring you have proper form and don't injure yourself.


You will also have full guidance on your nutrition and learn how to eat in a healthy balanced way that supports your training plan.


Accountability is also a major benefit of Personal Training, joining the gym still means you have to make yourself show up, with Personal Training you show up every time and stay motivated, you will work out on a regular basis which in turn leads to results.


By investing in Personal Training you are investing in your fitness and long term health, which is a very sensible thing to spend money on, think of all the money you spend on things that don't really benefit your life in the same way!






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